Saturday, February 5, 2011

The main composition of breastmilk

Bismillah wal hamdulillah...


1. contain factors forming cells of the brain cells, especially DHA, in an appropriate comparison with the AA
2. automatically, the levels of nutrient content in it is changed according to the pregnancy, infant feeding and age
3. almost all the substances contained therein can be absorbed by the baby's body


1. contain a protein called whey, which are soft and easily digested by the baby's digestive system
2. containing lactoferrin is good for bowel health of babies
3. containing lysozyme, anti-microbial substances
4. rich content of protein components of the brain and body builders
5. rich content of growth factor triggers


1. lactose-rich content
2. oligasakarida rich content, substances that are good for keeping baby's small intestine


1. rich content of white blood cells live, and the baby will get it in the amount of millions every time he feeds
2. content-rich immunoglobulin

Vitamins and minerals

1. baby's body is more easily absorbed, especially iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), and calcium (Ca)
2. iron contained in it could absorb about 50-75%
3. containing selenium more than infant formula, a sort of anti-oxidant selenium

Enzymes and hormones

1. rich content of the enzymes to aid digestion, such as lipase and amylase
2. rich content of various types of hormones, particularly thyroid, oxytocin and about 15 other types of enzymes


1. varies according to the types of compounds or substances contained in foods and beverages consumed by mother

Source: YourSuperMom